Mixed Pack of 10 Mimbres Notecards on Brown Paper
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Ten pack of 5.5 x 4 inch notecards and envelopes with an assortment of Mimbres Indian style pictures on brown rag paper. 1,000 years ago the Mimbres were the great artists of the American Southwest producing realistic if highly stylized representations of humans, animals, birds and insects, and monsters. Their animals often had stylized internal organs. And then the Mimbres mysteriously, and quite thoroughly, disappeared. Today their art is highly prized among collectors.

Selecting this pack gets you 10 of the mixed assortment on brown paper. Fisherman is shown.

If you'd like the pictures you prefer for your cards, so specify in remarks. The following are available: Antelope-fish (half antelope, half fish), Bird Eating Fish, Rocketman, Clown Antelope (antelope in the colors and pattern of a Pueblo clown), Birdalope (half bird, half antelope), Horned Toad, Hummingbird, Bobwhite, June Bug, Rabbit in the Moon (a powerful fertility symbol), Scorpion, Shrimp Monster (a shrimp big as a horse), Desert Jack (a jack rabbit), Dragonfly (a water symbol), Firebird, Fish, Quail, Roadrunner, Bat, Dancing Monster, Flying Monster, Skunk (with babies), Squirrel, Fisherman (part human, part waterbird with a great catch).

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Mixed Pack of 10 Mimbres Notecards on Brown Paper

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