Tom Jeffords, Friend of Cochise

Spur Award Finalist 2018 and 2nd Place Co-Founders Award for Best History from Westerners International.

This book tells the true story of a man who headed West drawn by the lure of the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1858; made a life for himself over a decade as he scouted for the army, prospected, became a business man. He rode alone into Cochise’s camp to negotiate the peace and became the Apache’s friend. In his search for the real story of Jeffords, Cochise, and the parts they played in mid-nineteenth century American history and politics, author Doug Hocking reveals that while the myths surrounding those events may have clouded the truth a bit, Jeffords was almost as brave and impressive as the legend had it.

Follow Tom as he sails the Great Lakes as a sea captain, heads West to prospect in the Pike's Peak Gold Rush, scouts for the Army, prospects in Apacheland, and wins the friendship of Cochise then the most hostile of all Apache chiefs. He worked as sutler, Indian trader, mine owner, holding a 1/9th share in the Copper Queen, walked the streets of Tombstone with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. His bravery was unquestioned and earned the respect and friendship of a hostile Apache.


Author Bio


Doug Hocking was born on Long Island and spent part of his youth in the whaling and sailing ports along the coast breathing in the sea air as Tom Jeffords did the Great Lakes air in Ashtabula. While still young, Doug was transplanted to the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in New Mexico where he grew up forming close friendships with Native Americans and Mexican Americans learning the peoples, cultures, and terrain of the Southwest. Doug lives in southeast Arizona and has located and explored Tom Jeffords’s homes and haunts.

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Tom Jeffords, Friend of Cochise

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